Hello Trebor, how are you feeling today?

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If you asked me that over the last 2 days I would say I was boiling, melting, unable to handle the heat and so I had to get outta the kitchen. It's been really hot here in the UK recently (now it's raining, cooler but still would rather have cooler weather and be sunny). It got me thinking, why is it that when you go on holiday you know it's going to be hot and so the heat doesn't really affect you as much as it does as when you're back in your home country? I went to Gran Canaria at the begginning of June and when I got back I was more hot in the UK even though the temperature was about 2 degrees lower (celcius). Maybe it's to do with the fact that in the UK one week it could be rainy and the temperature could be say 18 degrees but then the next week it's sunny and the temperature soars to 26 degrees. Why in this country can't we get good weather without stupid sudden increasing heat! I think I need to go to Africa and get climitised, then I could cope with the weather in the UK no matter what gets thrown at us.

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  1. InsaneNutter's Avatar
    My fan has been on overtime lately, you feel the heat more in the UK on the few sunny days we have because of the humidity or something along them lines. I found a really good explanation online a while ago but I can’t seem to find it now.
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