• Theresa May has decided British Citizens are bound by US Law and have no rights

    Do you know the person above? She is Theresa May the British Home Secretary. Her duty is to protect the United Kingdom and its citizens. Just today it was announced she has failed her country and allow an innocent student who has committed no crimes to be extradited to the US to face charges for copyright infringement. The key part of this story is that what the student (Richard O'Dwyer) did, was totally LEGAL in the United Kingdom where he lived yet in America his actions were illegal. Somewhere along the line the Home Secretary has decided that UK citizens are not just bound to UK law but US law as well. This is like British Citizens being sent to America to face charges of drinking in a UK restaurant at 18, when it is perfectly legal for them to do so under UK Law. This 'Theresa May' has FAILED her job and sent many UK citizens to face charges in the United States which they are not bound to, and end up locked in American Prisons for years miles away from home to await bogus charges.

    She was the person who signed the extradition order allowing him to be deported to America, she was the deciding force who could have stepped in and said 'This guy has nothing to do with America and is not bound by their laws'. Further background can be viewed on the Torrentlink Article linked below. However to summarise that Richard hosted a website with links to places like Youtube which contained Clips from TV Shows, something which has been dealt with in a UK court and marked as perfectly legal. He hosted his website in the UK, hasn't set foot in America since he was 4 years old and is now likely to spend many years in an American jail innocent. Quite frankly, Theresa May has failed her country, failed her job and needs to be sent to a US jail and detained there for 20+ years for the crimes she's committed to her own people, thats not half of the punishment she has placed on other people. One would think that as a citizen of any country, you are only bound to their laws and not the laws of another country you have nothing to do with. However its quite possible with her track record that after exercising my freedom of speech on the above article, I'm going to end up extradited to China as its illegal over there.

    Please read more and become aware by reading the TorrentFreak Article:

    When did America become the Police of the world? When did the British become such a walk over? You wouldn't find any other European countries bending over this like. British citizens effectively have no rights and are bound to every law from every country. What's next, she going to start shipping protestors to China?
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    1. MasterChief's Avatar
      MasterChief -
      It's hard to believe people like that are allowed to have power, she should be on trial for crimes against her country.
    1. moses_373's Avatar
      moses_373 -
      This is just disgusting... it really sets a scary precedent. It reminds me of the megaupload guy who was drug from his home in New Zealand and sent to the U.S. for trial. Where does it stop? I wouldn't be surprised to find out that it's some fat cat corporation like Viacom pulling the strings. The worst part is that they always seem to pull some random kid out of the hundreds of thousands who are "guilty" of the same action and bury him under the law to scare everyone else into line. Is there anyway we could donate to Richard's legal defense fund?
    1. Trebor's Avatar
      Trebor -
      I hear China's a lovely country! Where they've never heard of Google! Teach them well Nimrod! Just don't speak out about them, ooops too late, you seem to have done that here. Theresa May won't be happy I'm sure. Haven't we seen this type of thing before? British Muslims being sent to Guantanmo just for being Muslim, and not getting the right to a fair trial (something Democratic countries supposedly champion to others).... Frankly I'm just waiting for the day that America is put in it's place by someone or something. Oh and by the by, I'm not a terrorist! Imagine that, having conflicting views with such a bullying country, I'll send the postcards from Guntanamo (if they let me). It's this kind of precedent that has me scared for Digiex and the admins here. We have plenty of content that the big companies wouldn't mind shutting down I'm sure. Wouldn't want our Home Secretary to throw them on the US law system.
    1. xXTacoGuyXx's Avatar
      xXTacoGuyXx -
      Wow... you brits really are in the s***
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