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Thread: Freestyle Xbox 360 Dashboard v1.20

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    Thumbs up Freestyle Xbox 360 Dashboard v1.20

    The latest version of the Freestyle Xbox 360 Dashboard for homebrew enabled Xbox 360 consoles.

    Download Freestyle Dashboard V1.20

    v1.20 Added Display Options
    Added XBOX1 support
    Added NTP time synchronisation
    Minor bugfixes

    v1.10 Added Display Options
    Free Disk Space
    System Info
    Added launching of God Games
    FTP Active mode and speed increases
    Can move Titles to different menus
    Fixed Status code crashes
    Semi-Transparant Menus
    Fan Speed Controls
    LED Light Settings

    Original work from axc97c :
    v1.09 Dont download artwork thats already on the hdd
    Support for foreign characters
    Fixed black screen at startup
    No skin changes so 1.08 skins will work ok
    v1.08 View favourite games of main menu
    Store recent games and view off main menu
    File manager - copy, move, rename and delete file
    Support custom fonts in skin
    Copy DVD to HDD or USB drive
    Various fixes
    Cover list has title for games with missing cover
    Fix for filezilla ftp client (and probably others) Requires
    your xbox ip
    to be put in the config.xml file in the fsdata folder
    Fix startup crash when no content.xml file was found
    FTP speed fix, now 10-11MBps, however, copying to usb is still
    slowish for some reason, but then it is in XeXmenu too.
    Fixed render loop to be fixed at 60 FPS instead of using a sleep
    Change video preview to XMediaCreateXmvPlayerFromFile so streams
    files instead of loading into ram
    Add buttons working on indexer, allow you to add custom graphics to a title when
    none have been automatically downloaded
    Pick all/xbox 360/xbla/homebrew/emu on indexer to help sorting out your content.
    Remove deleted stuff from index
    Add background downloading support to indexer
    Save list every 15 games when scanning
    Fixed emulator button not working
    Added preview.wmv support, with option to disable
    Added background image support, with option to disable
    Added date and time and optional format setting
    v1.03 Fixed content saving bug in dash
    XML saving in dash quicker
    Added usb0:\applications and hdd1:\application paths. Please delete your config.xml
    for these to be added to existing installs. (The one in fsdata not base)
    v1.02 Runs with cooler cpu/gpu
    FTP speed much quicker
    v1.01 Fix to storage selection location
    v1.0 Original public version
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    Does anyone have a link to the latest Freestyle Dash?

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    Download Xbins here :

    There you can find the latest version of the FreeStyle dashboard .

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    is this the last one prior to FSD 2.0a?

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    Yes i believe it is.
    Have a question or need help? Post on the forum, thats why it's here.
    I will only reply to Digiex related issues via PM, not general help requests.

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    Hey guys..

    When 2.0 release ?
    Mess with the best, die like the rest..

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    how do i add it to my xbox?

  8. Freestyle Xbox 360 Dashboard v1.20

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