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    OK, my first review. I'm going to review the Creative ZEN Vision M which is a mp4 player made by the boys at Creative Labs. It is the main rival to the ipod, and in my opinion is the better machine.

    Lets get the bad points out of the way. The player itself is really quite bulky and quite heavy, unlike the ipod. The toch sensetive scrolling can be a pain in the arse sometimes, but it is ok once you get used to it. Also, the software that comes with it is shite. I wouldn't even bother installing it, as it is much easier to Sync things from Windows Media Player, and you can just drag and drop movies into the corrrect file on the player. To be honest, that is all I can think of that is wrong with it.

    Now the good points. The screen, for a mp4 player, is HUGE. It's even good for watching movies on it, and you have no problem in seeing them. It is a very bright screen and perfect for looking at pictures on, as the colours stand out really well. It is like looking at thwm in HD. The screen is streaks better than the ipod's.

    But, I think the best thing about this player is the sound quality. It is truly stunnng. However BE WARNED!!! The headphones that come with the player are awfull. I recommend buying some decent ones. I use JVC Gummy earphones, which can be bought for around £7. These earphones get the best out of the player. The volume control is great, and is easily loud enough for anyone. I have used in my room, on the bus, in the car with the stereo going really loud, and it has never lost its sound quality.

    All in all, I think this is the best mp4 player o the market, and although the ipod fanboys will disagree, you also can't disagree with the price of the ZEN, I got mine 30GB one for £120, and my brother got his for £130.Now THAT is a bargain!!! It comes in both 30GB & 60GB versions Here are some pictures of the 30GB one (although they look the same), Enjoy!!



    Links 60GB Version

    Argos 30GB Version

    Ebuyer 60GB Version
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