Dealing With Computer Support Scammers.

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    After being harassed by a fraud computer support company many times, i figured it was time to stall them & let them eventually connect using teamviewer. What they didn't know that I was using virtualbox with an os that can be easily re-installed.(if they decided to infect it,i was curious on what their process is) After they hung up on me I contacted teamviewer support via e-mail to see if they can deactivate their teamviewer id & ip.

    If you receive a call like this I recommend doing this to waste their time(if you have the time) and maybe prevent someone from being scammed.
    • Say that the computer is slow or turned off
    • Tell them the internet isn't working and it takes some time to come back up.
    • You don't have internet or a computer.
    • Question them on why there are "errors" (they know about errors before connecting)
    • Say it's not my computer. (why they hung up on me)
    • If you want to troll them badly,let them connect to a linux based operating system with teamviewer installed.(they only "support" windows os that im aware of)

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    More info from microsoft: Fraudulent Emails and Credit Card Scam Tips | Microsoft Security

    This is an email(in the quotes) I received from teamviewer support. This info should be helpful if you have been affected.
    If the scammers have connected to your pc, you can save time for teamviewer support and send them your id & make sure to note why you're sending them the id.(more info below)
    Contact: TeamViewer

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