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Kameo - Unreleased Original Xbox Version Download

Discussion in 'Consoles and Homebrew' started by InsaneNutter, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. InsaneNutter

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    Jun 1, 2007
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    Yorkshire, England

    About Kameo Unreleased Original Xbox Version:

    Kameo started out life as a GameCube game, however when Microsoft purchased Rare development of the game was moved to the original Xbox. In 2004 when the game was nearing completion it was moved to the Xbox 360, which was due to be released the following year. Despite only ever been released on the Xbox 360 a fully playable version for the original Xbox has surfaced, showing just how far the game had been developed on the original Xbox.

    The build date of this beta is October 1st, 2004. Making it 8 years old, basically showing what the game was like one year before the Xbox 360′s launch.

    Thanks to Ghostseed and Borman a beta of Kameo for the original Xbox has been extracted from a Xbox Debug Kit, and released for all to experience on the Original Xbox.

    The game does look very nice on the original Xbox and the frame rate is pretty solid, it is however prone to crash on retail consoles, crashes are less frequent on a Jtagged Xbox 360 with the hacked Xbox Emulator, however the framerate is much lower, with some graphical glitches.


    Download Kameo for Xbox Beta


    Some screenshots taken from the game running on my original Xbox

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  2. eisnerguy1

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    Jul 8, 2016
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    Love this unreleased stuff. Really wish a GameCube build leaks at some point :P

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