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Discussion in 'Console Help Center' started by Irixion, Apr 13, 2017.

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    Hey all, as the title says, I've recently purchased a RGH/JTAG Jasper 360. From what I can tell, it has Xex Menu 1.2 on it, and "Welcome to Ninja" plastered on the Xbox Home menu.

    I just had a few questions:

    Where do I get started? Ideally I'd like to use the console for backed up titles and maybe some homebrew here and there.

    The tutorials I've seen to inject titles onto USB sticks all assume that the Xbox is using the old "4 GB Max" format. Since the consoles now use NTFS, I can't seem to get the drive detected under xtaff.

    Would there be a way to just use LAN to get the files directly onto the 360's HDD via a PC, or do I need an intermediate media such as a USB drive/stick?

    Since this Ninja dash is bothering me to get online, is there any way I can shut it up? It keeps telling me to plug a WiFi adapter in, and then tells me that it's not connected, looping endlessly.

    Finally, is there a way to get some sort of "options" menu, that can block Xbox Live access, etc?

    I'm afraid of touching this thing, as it took me ages to find a local seller for an RGH/JTAG console, and I paid a few hundred bucks for this thing, so I wouldn't want to muck anything up.

    Any help is very much appreciated!
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    By the sounds of it the Xbox has been setup with "Ninja" which is some service that allows modded 360's to get online and cheat on Xbox Live.

    If you load XEX Menu up that has a built in FTP server so you can FTP files from the PC direct to the Xbox 360, which i think is the best way of getting files on to it. You can even use apps on your PC like GODspeed to easily manage content on the Xbox 360 over FTP

    If you load DashLaunch up (presuming its there) you can probably display the plugin which is loading Ninja and annoying you. If not FTP DashLaunch over to the Xbox 360 and load it up with XEXMenu, you can configure what plugins load from there and block access to Xbox Live.

    Hopefully that will get you started anyway.

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