Windows 10 won’t install to ssd

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    I just did a brand new build and windows will not install to my ssd. I installed via usb drive. Once I arrived to the disk screen prompting me to select which drive to install windows to, it would not allow me to select my ssd because the partition size was too small. I created a new partition via command prompt. It then said that I could not install to an mbr drive, so I changed the ssd to gpt via command prompt. However, after I did this and selected my ssd, it still said it could only be installed to gpt and not mbr even though I changed it to gpt. I then Tried to restart the computer and see if it would work, but my computer will not boot via the usb anymore. The first time I plugged in the usb, it went straight to the windows install, now it goes directly to bios. Even when I try to boot via the usb manually through bios, it sends me to a black screen and windows won’t boot. I believe my ssd was in NTFS format when I installed it. Also, the ssd is the only part of my build that is not brand new, it has been reformatted and the partitions have been played around with. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Specs: Sandisk ultra 3D 512 gb Gigabyte a320m-s2h Ryzen 5 1600 Oloy Warhawk 16gb ddr4 Sapphire rx 570 Evga 450br
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    When on the Windows installer, simply delete on all existing partitions, the SSD will then be like it was out the factory so hopefully will not give you any issues.

    After deleting all existing partitions all you should see is unallocated space when trying to install Windows. Click on this then press "new" to create a new partition, accept the max size partition and simply click next.

    Windows will sort everything else out and start installing without you having to mess about with the command prompt.

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