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Thread: MS now selling standalone 250GB HDD in Japan

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    Default MS now selling standalone 250GB HDD in Japan

    Microsoft is bumping up the size on the external hard drive accessory for the Xbox 360 to 250 GB. The downside? It's only available in far.

    Normally only sold as a part of a bundle with a new Xbox 360 gaming console, interested gamers will have the option to buy the larger hard drive as a stand-alone accessory.

    Set to be release in Japan on March 11, the new storage space key will cost •15,540 which is around $172 / £108.

    Alternatively you could just have a look at the Digiex guide: How to hack a 250gb sata drive to work in the Xbox 360 and upgrade your existing drive to a nice 250gb drive for around $50 / £30.

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    I still have a hacked 120GB HDD in one of my boxes, my other one has a 'genuine' 120GB. The only physical difference? The hacked one was $30, the MS one was $80, and even that was a special discount..
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    I got my 250GB HDD with the limited edition Modern Warfare 2 console. I almost don't know what to do with all of that space!

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