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We have had the current Digiex server a long time and have recently started plans to migrate to a new server, which we hope to serve us well over the coming years.

At the moment we are currently in the process of moving the various Virtual Machines (VM's) that Digiex runs on to the new server.

At present the download VM, along with all the Digiex downloads which are not forum attachments are currently been moved. Therefore, any large downloads which are served from download.digiex.net will be offline for the next day or so, anything small attached to a forum post can still be downloaded as normal.

Most people will probably not notice any different, however please bear with us and everything will be moved over shortly.

The main website will be moved at a later date, which will result in a little downtime.

Update 8:50am GMT: download.digiex.net is back online on the new server, any connection issues will now be related to the time it takes for your ISP to propagate dns changes.

Game in the UK are allowing people to register online via email to receive a code for the Shiny Eternatus Distribution on Pokémon Sword / Shield, no need to visit an actual Game store to receive one.

Based on past experiences this should also mean people outside the UK are able to receive a code, hopefully opening up the availability of this rare shiny legendary to Pokemon trainers around the world.

Based on past Game distributions this shouldn't be locked to just people in the UK, however if you have a generic email such as an @gmail.com or @outlook.com it wouldn't hurt to use these.

Shiny Eternatus will arrive in your game at Lv. 100 with a Timid Nature and the Pressure Ability. It’ll know the moves Dynamax Cannon, Eternabeam, Sludge Bomb, and Flamethrower.

To obtain a code for the Shiny Eternatus Distribution simply register you email address here on the Game UK website. Game will email codes on Fridays and Mondays, while supplies last.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2, the game responsible for myself and @Nimrod meeting and eventually founding Digiex is currently free on Good Old Games (GoG) for the approx. the next 52 hours from the time of this post.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is a 1998 platform game produced by Epic, who are better known for the Unreal Engine and Fortnite games these days. The game is a 2D side-scroller that incorporates elements of shooting and platforming. The player must venture through a series of levels populated with enemies and environmental hazards that may hinder the player's progress.

Where Jazz Jackrabbit 2 really comes in to its own is the multiplayer. Multiplayer features five game modes, Cooperative (where players work together in the game's single player campaign), Battle (which is basically Deathmatch), Race (in which the first to complete all laps wins), Treasure Hunt (in which the first to collect 100 diamonds and find the exit wins the match) and Capture the Flag.

The game also includes a level editor, allowing anyone to create custom levels for the game with little knowledge required to master the basics and get started.

Trivia: Digiex has hosted the list.jazzjackrabbit.net list server for almost the last two decades, allowing multiplayer games to be found from within the in-game list, without patching the game to use an alternate server.

To conclude if you have any interest in 2D platformer games like Sonic or Mario, it's well worth checking out Jazz. The online community is still active today, 24 years after the release of Jazz 2.

Claim: Jazz Jackrabbit 2 on Good Old Games (Includes the The Secret Files & Christmas Chronicles Expansion Packs)
Discord: Jazz Jackrabbit Community Discord

Goppier and @UndeadxReality have released a set of custom mystery gift event distributions for the Gen 3 Pokemon games on the GBA. The attention to detail of these distributions is really impressive.

The following mystery gift events are capable of been distributed:

Aurora Ticket
Mystic Ticket
Altering Cave
Old Sea Map
Eon Ticket

FireRed and LeafGreen:

Aurora Ticket
Mystic Ticket
Altering Cave
All 6 Wish Egg Pokémon (Chansey, Drowzee, Exeggcute, Farfetch'd, Kangaskhan, and Lickitung)

Head over to the release thread: Custom Mystery Gift Events GBA to learn more and try these distributions out for yourself.

A Shiny Clefairy mystery gift event distribution is now live for Pokémon Sword / Shield owners, this is in honour of the Pokémon Championships Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Phillipines.

The Clefairy is based on the one used by the winner of the 2021 Pokémon Asia Players Cup, Jirawiwat Thitasiri and has the moves Protect, Helping Hand, Follow Me and Icy Wind, along with 5 perfect IV's.

Redeem via mystery gift with the code: APC2021CHAMP - be quick however, the code will expire sometime on June 19th.


Tiramisu is a homebrew environment for the Wii U. This is an alternative to the Haxch Wii U Hack, with some extra features.

The advantage of Tiramisu is that no DS VC game needs to be purchased to set it up, so it will be possible to hack a Wii U even if these are no longer any exploitable DS games available on the Eshop.

Tiramisu features:
  • CFW based on mocha with slighty more features
  • Homebrew launcher injected into Mii Maker
  • Autoboot Menu based on CBHC
  • Full quick boot menu support of the Gamepad
In addition you can take advantage of other interesting projects such as Bloopair, a tool that allows connecting controllers from other consoles like native Wii U Pro Controllers on the Wii U.

In summery the TLDR is this is a better way to make use of Homebrew / CFW on the Wii U, that also happens to be totally free.

To get setup with Tiramisu visit the Wii U hacks guide: https://wiiu.hacks.guide/#/introduction - this guide will take you though everything required from start to finish to get things working.

Thanks to Digiex member @AlamosIT for the heads up on this release.

Until January 6th at 4pm (UTC+0) Tomb Raider (2013), Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015), and Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018) are free to claim on the Epic Games store.

In addition to the base games all DLC packs are included as well due to these been the definitive editions of each game.

View: Tomb Raider Trilogy on the Epic Store

This seems like a great excuse to try the more modern Tomb Raider games if you were a fan of the originals in the 90s.

We just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, hopefully you are staying safe and enjoying the festive holidays with family and friends.

This year we have no surprise Pokemon events to release, however hopefully this is a tradition that might be able to continue in the future.

In the mean time we hope you enjoy some time and good food with family / friends.​

If you ever wanted to have a Shiny Zacian or Shiny Zamazenta now is your chance. Many stores around the word have started to distribute and register peoples interest in obtaining a code for the shinies. So be sure to checkout your local game store.

Various stores are allowing you to register online for a code. Its hard to say if they will be doing any checks against your IP address to determine if you actually reside in the country they operate, however you can try to obtain a code from the following stores online:
You can also try the following websites, although you must register for an account:
I have personally used Game UK as I reside in the UK, however I have also had luck with Micromania in France for past distributions.

Good luck trainers!

Digiex member @Gunz4Hire has released a new homebrew game for the Xbox 360, PADDLE MEYHEM.

PADDLE MEYHEM is essentially Pong meets Geometry Wars and really does take you back to the early days of XBLA when the 360 launched in 2005, with a great soundtrack to compliment the game too! If this was on XBLA I'd have purchased it for 400ms points back in the day.

If you have a Jtag / RGH hacked Xbox 360 this is well worth checking out, you'll certainly get a bit of nostalgia playing PADDLE MEYHEM. You can download PADDLE MEYHEM from the release thread over in the Digiex Download Center.

Its great to see homebrew activity taking place on the Xbox 360 12 years after we got the Jtag hack, allowing the average person to run unsigned code on the 360.