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Thread: Xbox 360 250GB Hard Drive Security Sector Download (HDDSS.BIN) (HDDSS_250GB.BIN)

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    Hi there, i bought a crappy 20gb xbox 360 harddrive and want to upgrade it. But i'm not sure if the 320GB harddrive that i wanna buy is compatible with 'hddss.bin' hack please help
    Western Digital Scorpio Blue 320 GB 5400 RPM 2.5'' SATA WD3200BPVT Hard Drive | eBay

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    Hi there,

    I have a problem with my harddrive, no waranty left on it..
    It's a 120GB HDD from an Elite 360 console,
    after applying the 13599 update trough USB, something went wrong in the 2nd part of the update.
    Therefor the update did not complete fully. (it díd update to dashboard 13599)
    My problem now is that with the harddrive in, it takes one minute to load the dashboard.
    without it, maybe 3 seconds.. I tried on other 360's with no luck.
    Also tried resetting the update, did not work either.. (with help of the xbox support line)
    I tried formatting the hdd, which seems to work at first, but after that it keeps saying:
    disc unformatted in the memory screen (each try to format succeeds, but with same results)

    My actual question is: I'd like to hook the hdd up to my notebook trough eSata, and do a lowlevelformat,
    check the disc for errors etc. From understanding, this I'll also erase the possibility to hook it up to the 360 again..
    Is it possible to use your software to make it able to hook up on the 360 again after I did everything on my notebook?

    Thanks for any help you guys can give me!
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    Hi everybody, i need a UNDO.BIN of WD2500BEVS 26UST0. I lost my a thousand years ago and i misflashed my HDD.


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