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Thread: XPort 360 2.12 Download

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    Post XPort 360 2.12 Download

    XPort 360 2.12

    • Support added for 250GB HDD
    • Undelete function added
    • Vista x64 bit drivers for reading memory cards in Vista 64.
    • Drivers are now signed too.
    • Manual updated.
    • Many compatibility issues (256mb memory cards, Xbox 1 memory cards, and more) fixed.
    • Adds support for some other 60gb drives
    • Fixes a file time stamp issue
    • Fixes a multiple file copy issue
    • Adds support for newer 64mb Xbox360 memory cards
    • Support for Datel 360 Micro SD memory card (any size - e.g 1/2/4/8/16/32 GB)
    • Added support for HDD`s that had had their sector 0 (MBR) overwritten by Windows
    • Fixes a bug where overwriting a file sometimes doesn’t free the space of the old file

    Download XPort360
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    It downloads fine on my PC

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    How the hell am I supposed to copy my modified stuff over to the hard drive? I have been reading the manual but wasn't able to get the right answer. Every time I tried dragging and dropping, it shows an X so it won't let me import. Why isn't there an import feature to the current folder that your in?

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    Here's what I'm talking about here.

    This is a video of me trying to import.

    YouTube - xport 360 not working for me.

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    ok. I just looked online. Modio now supports 250GB hard drives too and I was able to import the profile thing.

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    i know right mine wont download either

  8. XPort 360 2.12 Download

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua Duenas View Post
    i know right mine wont download either
    try downloading again,it works for me
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    hey guys, lost my profile over the weekend and the undelete feature in xport seems like my only hope.

    right now all I have is the xbox with the hard drive in its original case. do I need to get the datel dock, or would it work with the MS HD transfer kit, or even just taking the hard drive out and getting a 2.5'' caddy?

    any responses much appreciated. I gotta have my saves

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    Any of them will work fine, you can even just connect the hard drive up to your PC with a sata + power cable like you would a normal hard drive (once you have taken it out the 360 enclosure).

    I use the MS transfer kit myself.
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    Default deleted savefiles

    everytime i go to deleted file mode and click on contents the program freezes and shuts down..i just want to recover my deleted files but like i said everytime i like on contents after switching to undeleted mode it crashes...please help thank u

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    Been looking for this, thanks!

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    I need your help to get the newer one or any other similar tool which can read my 1 TB XBOX Hard Disk Drive....
    I tried several Xport versions, but couldn't read its contents, only detecting it.

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    There isn't one for 1T the highest it gos to is 250GB try using this tool and run it in admin mode for it to read you're 1T HDD.

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