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Thread: leafnetworks - Play Xbox 360 system link games over the internet

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    Default leafnetworks - Play Xbox 360 system link games over the internet

    Ok , here is another App to play system link games over the internet .

    Play head-on-head games with other members of your network no matter where as long as they are connected to the Internet.

    There is no need to pay monthly fees to play your friends head-on-head with your game consoles. If your Xbox is on your same network as your home PC running Leaf, then you can simply start game sharing with members of your Leaf Network by starting your console as a game server. Those members that you have given access to your game share will see your game console in their list of game servers!

    Simply share your Xbox game console with your friend by clicking the game server share button and selecting the users in you newtwork you want to allow access to your game. Your friends now can see your game server on their game console. For more information and setup for XBOX and XBOX 360, please see XBOX and XBOX 360 Setup.
    Download here :
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    Does this mean that even if my console is banned I can play online with my friends who use this program also?

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    If its jtagged.


    you're finds a 30ms ping or lower. Though it would still only work on games that have System Link.
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