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Thread: Skate 2 Demo Download

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    Default Skate 2 Demo Download

    Skate 2 is set five years after the events in Skate. During Skate It, many mysterious disasters devastated the city, leaving it in ruins and a mass evacuation of the city. The new city has been dubbed New San Vanelona, or New San Van for short. However, instead of a skaters paradise the city used to be, security has been stepped up by Mongo Co. in order to protect the best parts of the city.

    Download the demo and hone your skills before Skate 2 hits stores as you rip around Slappy's, move objects to create spots, and take on new set of challenges. Also compete against up to 4 of your friends in an all out break your bones Hall of Meat challenge. Skate 2 will be in stores worldwide on January 23.


    Skate 2 Demo (Torrent) - (100mbit UK Seed)

    Skate 2 Demo (Digiex FTP) - (50mbit - Digiex Public FTP)

    How to play

    1) Download the demo
    2) Extract the contents folder with WinRAR if you downloaded from the FTP link
    3) Open Nero or your favourite DVD burning program and add the content folder to the DVD, it should look something like this

    4) Burn
    5) Put the DVD in your Xbox 360, go to Demos on the dash and play.

    Extra Info:

    For anyone who doesn’t have Nero or is having trouble with burning this demo I recommend you give ImgBurn a try, it works as good as Nero and its free. Have a look at the Digiex guide: How to burn files and folders to a CD, DVD or Blueray Disc using ImgBurn.
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    I tried the demo. Thanks for uploading. Not bad but I think its very similar to the first.

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    Could you please elaborate a bit on how to burn this thing? I've had 4 unsuccesful attempts so far...

    Thanks for the upload though!

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    Well if you download the torrent once it has finished you want to load Nero or a compatible burning program up, make a Data DVD, then drag the content folder to the DVD, this will take all the subfolders and game files with it.

    Burn the DVD and make sure you finalize it.

    If you downloaded it from the Digiex FTP you will need to download a free trial of WinRAR - WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files , extract the content folder with WinRAR to some where such as your desktop then follow the steps above.

    If your still having problems I suggest you read all this thread: its the exact same idea just a different demo.

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    Quick question. Anyway this will work by putting it on an external hard drive and plugging it into my xbox? I tried and it didn't work, but I could be doing something wrong.

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    It won’t work from a USB hard drive, it needs to be copied on to the 360’s hard drive its self or a DVD-R.

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    i tryed and it didint work i dont know why is it for that because my xbox360 is original ? and its not cracked ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KR3W View Post
    i tryed and it didint work i dont know why but maybe its not workin because my x360 is not chiped ?
    it doesnt have to be hack or chiped to play this can u please explane what is wrong

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    whell i just burn a dvd and then i put the dvd in my x360 and its not reading , just telling that is reading but after a fiew seconds it shows "open tray" and it didint play . an by the way is the dvd must be DVD-R? because i wrote into a DVD+R
    sorry for my bad english m im lithuanian

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    Quote Originally Posted by KR3W View Post
    whell i just burn a dvd and then i put the dvd in my x360 and its not reading , just telling that is reading but $after a fiew seconds it shows "open tray" and it didint play . an by the way is the dvd must be DVD-R? because i wrote into a DVD+R
    sorry for my bad english m im lithuanian
    does the folder content look like the one above ?

    drag the whole skate folder like in this pic. it shuld be structured like that and it shuld work in dvd-r becuz it work on cd-r for me

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    Hi ermm ive got the same problem im burning on a DVD+RW the disk worked for the left for dead but not this one anyhelp?

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    Got a DVD-RW M4K1N4T0R? I try and test the downloads on Digiex work when possible. This worked first time for me on a DVD-RW, it appears you and KR3W both used DVD+RW media and have problems with it.

    I presume you got the same error he did?
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    Yea i did i put the disk in. It spins for around 3 seconds then nothing blank silcho.

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    Is it possible to take the timer out of the demo? Is there a glitch or something?

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