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Thread: Freestyle Dash 2.0 Beta RC1.1 Download

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    Default Freestyle Dash 2.0 Beta RC1.1 Download

    The latest version of the Freestyle Xbox 360 Dashboard for homebrew enabled Xbox 360 consoles.

    For more info and screenshots have a look at: Jtagged Xbox 360’s get Xlink Kai integration with Freestyle Dash 2.0 RC 1

    Download Freestyle Dash 2.0 Beta RC1
    Download Freestyle Dash 2.0 Beta RC 1.1 Update

    The read me:

    note to users:

    this is a labour of love, from a small development team. who have spent
    countless personal hours, away from our girlfriends, loved ones, lives to do this
    not for personal gain, not for money, not for fame, but for the sheer reason of
    we wanted something that was great, that was what we wanted. and this is exactly
    that. it is no where near perfect, or bug free, but we felt like it's enough for
    general use, and testing.

    this is a beta release, for everyone to test, we are pushing out new features,
    and code rewrites, and with that, bugs. so feel free to test, report bugs, suggest
    things, but only if you have logs, or are able to recreate the bug.

    there will be weekly builds released to general public following this release,
    and for our beta testers, there will be more frequent releases.

    don't judge my grammar or spelling. thanks.

    - khuong

    what's new:

    too many to really say, a lot has changed. try it out and enjoy or don't.

    release notes:

    we have added the ability to log into forums using your credentials. we will
    hash your mac address (md5) and store it in your profile, which is not viewable by
    public. it will be used to identify you for beta updates and other updates. if you
    do not log in, we will be unable to add you to beta release groups and other things.
    it is completely up to you, felt the need to inform you so you are not surprised.

    we have moved to a sqlite database for this release, so no more fsd2data, xml's
    are needed.
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    Hey InsaneNutter, XLink in Freestyle . Nice .

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