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Thread: Xbox 360 Disk swapper v1.1 Beta Download - Multidisk game switcher

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    Default Xbox 360 Disk swapper v1.1 Beta Download - Multidisk game switcher

    What it does:

    If you have games with more than one disk installed on your machine, this plugin takes care of switching from one disk to the other (once you set up the multi.ini file, the plugin, and dash launch of course) ingame.


    Add to dash launch plugins (your launch.ini file)

    plugin1 = Usb:\swap.xex

    -place swap.xex on the path you specified above

    -edit and place multi.ini on the root of a usb/hdd/memory unit
    content partition (just like launch.ini)

    -in some cases it seems the plugins were only enabled after running
    the dash launch installer again, you may want to give this a try

    Download Disc Swapper Beta 1.1
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    Can anyone explain me how to use it like for battlefield hardline in *god format? thanks dash 17150

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