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Thread: Black Ops Zombie modded Profile ( God Mode ... )

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    Default Black Ops Zombie modded Profile ( God Mode ... )

    Ok , with this profile you can play Black Ops Zombie mode with God Mode , unlimited ammo etc .

    Here is how to make it work :

    - Copy the E00001835ABC7612 folder & it contents with usbxtaf to a Xbox 360 formatted usb stick .
    - Don't put it in the 0000000000000000 folder , but just in the contend folder .
    - Make sure that you don't have a Title update or it will not work !
    - Start up a Zombie map : Five or Kino der Toten .
    - Once the game started press up to use God Mode .You will also get unlimited Ammo .
    - There are a lot of other Zombie mods on this profile , but i haven't used them yet , so i don't know how they work .

    Update :

    Every time you quit the game or go to the dashboard the mods will stop working. You need to do the same things as
    above to activate the mods again . Sorry .

    Remember , this will not work with any title update .

    Have Fun !

    Update 25-05-2012 :

    I have added the button maps ( found them on youtube ) .

    Black Ops Zombie modded Profile ( God Mode ... )-1.jpg

    Black Ops Zombie modded Profile ( God Mode ... )-1.jpg

    Black Ops Zombie modded Profile ( God Mode ... )-1.jpg
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    Nice little mod, i might give this a go sometime.
    Will allow me to see more of the map anyway lol, cheers.
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    Thanks.. Little brother is quiet =/ worked for him
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