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Thread: COD World at War Zombie mods ( God Mode ... )

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    Default COD World at War Zombie mods ( God Mode ... )

    Ok, with this game save you can have God Mode & other stuff on Call of Duty World at War Zombies .

    Here is how to make it work :

    - Rehash the game save with your id & console id .
    - Resume the Single player. Once the game starts press start twice .
    - In the left top corner it will say Mods activated .
    - Press start again & exit & save .
    - Now start any zombie map you want & you will have god mode , unlimited ammo & more stuff .
    - This works with the latest Title update from Xbox Live , but never use this online or you will be banned !!!

    Have Fun !
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    You are in the Xbox 360 Content > Save Games section and the info provided states "This works with the latest Title update from Xbox Live" so ill let you make your own mind up
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