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Thread: Is this the end of Usenet? NzbMatrix, Nzbrus closed and Newsgroup's flooded with DMCA

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    Default Is this the end of Usenet? NzbMatrix, Nzbrus closed and Newsgroup's flooded with DMCA

    Over the past month, all the big NZB sites like NzbMatrix and Nzbrus have closed. Usenet providers are under massive attack from DMCA requests which means all new content is getting killed within a day or two of it being posted. It seems like Usenet is under heavy siege and no longer becoming an option.

    The biggest problem in all of us, is there is no legal alternatives. I have a Netflix Subscription, I also pay for a TV subscription but the content takes months, if not years to become available. Especially with this aged old model of having the US air shows 4-6 months before other countries. Why would anyone wait such a long time to watch content legally in there country, when they can download a recording of the TV shows and watch it advert free half a year sooner.

    So the death of Usenet, Dangers of Torrenting and getting sued... Who would have seen this happening a few years ago?
    Will there ever be any suitable legal ways to consume content as and when it airs on TV or comes out on Blu-ray?


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    You can try Hulu for videos that netflix doesn't have.
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    I'm sorry, but i have no problems getting good .nzb files. One site gets closed, another gets opened.
    I have a paid usenet server. No problems at all.

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    You can index usenet your self with Newznab - Usenet Indexer although i don't honestly know if that's a realistic option.

    I set it up last night and left it indexing the TV newsgroups this morning, so ill have to see what its done tonight. A script like that does make hosting your own Usenet indexing site quite simple, its just a case of having the resources to run it then.

    Many more NZB indexing sites will appear over time, its more a case of usenet providers actually hosting the content for sites to index which i think it going to be an even bigger problem over the next year.

    As for a suitable legal way, i don't think were going to see that in the next 5 years, if at all. Netflix has made a good start to this, however it lacks content in the UK and even in the US i hear it doesn't get everything, especially just after its aired on TV.

    iTunes has come the closest in my opinion, however the prices are 1. ridiculous and 2. full of DRM, so even if I could afford to pay £3ish per HD episode, what's the point when i cant play it on the devices i wish to watch it on? I personally have no desire to buy media with DRM, so its likely nothing would ever give me the experience I want except downloading media.

    As ive been saying for years when it comes to media pirates do get the better experience, however i also think pirates spend more than your average consumer on media too. The whole "piracy is killing out industry" is nonsense to me, the media industries wont adapt to what consumers want.

    Take Steam, people wanted to download PC games and along came Steam, that has grown in to a massive content platform when most people passed over it saying it would fail.
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