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Thread: Xbox 360 - JTAG - Help with HDD data transfer/backup

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    Default Xbox 360 - JTAG - Help with HDD data transfer/backup

    Hey guys

    I'm new here and need some help with my recently JTAG'd X360 console.

    ^ I have followed this guide successfully to setup a new HDD for unmodified well as just the plug in/format option for new HDD's if the console is JTAG'd...that's all been sorted no problem.

    I bought a 500GB drive, after the X360 format, i can tell via Xport 360 that the 3 partitions are there, although no folders in them. Therefore, I accessed my original 60GB drive, backed up Partition 2 (to a BIN file) as instructed in the guide above...and given i have profiles, game saves, arcade games etc to transfer - I used Xport 360 to DRAG AND DROP the entire "Content" folder to my HDD. After looking deep into these folders it looks to have successfully coped everything over.

    When i plug in my new 500GB HDD and do the Partition 2 restore (for Xbox1 title compatability), i then, once more, use the DRAG AND DROP feature and drag the entire "Content" folder from my PC to the new HDD via a direct sata cable to Partition 3 -- this completed successfully, and ONLY the CONTENT folder is viewable (only thing on there since HDD format). When I plug it into my console, the HDD is recognised, the size/space available has decreased by ~30GB showing the obvious inclusion of new data...HOWEVER, i cannot view a single installed full game, arcade game or video...nothing! What have i done wrong?!

    By the way, I mainly use Xport 360 to view/backup files only because the makers of Xplorer 360 didn't really think terribly much about the "troubleshooting" and BIG side of their programs -- the crappy program chooses to CRASH every time when using the USB transfer cable. Therefore, for EACH program i am forced to open my PC and use a SATA/power cable to connect the drives so they are accessible on a STABLE basis... Any help is appreciated.


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    Oh yeah, to see if there was a difference, used Xplorer 360 to transfer of the $SystemUpdate, Cache, $TitleUpdate folders (etc) from the original 60GB HDD...once again, doesn't recognise any profiles in place, no arcade, no full games the HDD retarded?! As all the backup data has been applied to the correct partitions...


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