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Thread: Get your 360 repaired by Microsoft for Free (Even if out of Warranty)

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    Default Get your 360 repaired by Microsoft for Free (Even if out of Warranty)

    Here is a nice little guide on how to get Microsoft to repair your out of warranty/ second hand bought 360 (Bought Broken on eBay, even if it is already registered). Now, I always say that the X-Clamp fix isn't a permanent solution. My advice, is to bit the bullet and send in the xbox to get it fixed, the right way.

    Here we go:

    1) Call up Xbox Support - 1-800-4-MY-XBOX or 1-800-469-9269
    2) You will hear the annoying lady talk, and she gives you some "departments" to choose from. One would think that since you want to get your 360 repaired, you would choose the repair center, right? WRONG!! Pick Technical Support. The repair center wont re-register your 360 without the previous owner information.
    3) Go through the options until you get to a live agent. When he answers, the key is what to say. This is what I always say;
    "I recently purchased a Xbox 360 second hand and would like to register it in my name."
    I suggest you do not mention it has red ring! He should say okay, he will get information from you, put you on hold, and then it should be done! BAM! It should now be registered to you!
    4) Now that doesn't get it repaired, so the next step is to go to xbox website
    (since there are no outside links I wont give you the address, but it is easy to figure out xbox; than something many sites have after the address...)
    Choose xbox support -> Repair console (under console management on the support page) -> Register a new console -> fill in the same information you gave the agent.
    When you select done, you should go to the repair page where you can select how you want to get the console to them, this part is self explanatory. You did it!

    Just make sure you have a warranty sticker on it! Any kind will do! Doesn't matter if it is modded, or you tried the X-Clamp fix. They will fix it as long as there is a sticker!
    (I have heard people say they sent them in with not warranty sticker and they got repaired, so if you don't have a sticker, it is worth a shot to send it in!)

    Works in USA & UK so far!

    Here is a simple reminder:
    If you are having trouble. Take a deep breath and follow this.

    This time do not say is Red Rings of Death, instead
    called the agency again and say that your xbox 360 will not run anymore, you get an error on the screen "System Failure, etc." pretend to follow the steps the agency says and still say you have the same problem, they will suggest you for a repair and for "FREE", that is how i did it.

    thx to :Gam3Pwner

    Here is a pic of the Final page where you accept the terms and conditions.

    Thx to SpleWge for the pic

    I don't take credit for this tutorial, it was found by freak, also credit to Kickenwing.

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    Hi. This is actually my scenario. I just bought it from a friend then 3 months later rrod. How's ur xbox now? Still running good after the repair?

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    I know this is an old post, but how successful is this?
    my xbox jus got 1 red light and I'm not shelling out to get it fixed

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    Default Still Works

    I just did this walkthrough, and received a FREE repair on an out of warranty Xbox 360. I used the dummy approach, told the tech about the system failure with code E74, and promptly turned around the free repair.

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    i gotta tell my bro about this was if u get caught that u don't have a warranty

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    Very sneaky... and very smart! I've got a red ring that I'm gonna try to send in!

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    post back if this still works please and thankyou moses_373

  9. Get your 360 repaired by Microsoft for Free (Even if out of Warranty)

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    You could try it and see? This is a pretty old post i dont think the orig poster visits here anymore.
    Have a question or need help? Post on the forum, thats why it's here.
    I will only reply to Digiex related issues via PM, not general help requests.

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