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Thread: Install Lights in an Xbox 360 hard drive

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    Default Install Lights in an Xbox 360 hard drive

    This tutorial will show you the proper way to install lights in your Xbox 360 hard drive.

    Items needed:

    LED's of your choice
    Hot glue gun
    A Soldering Iron
    For this tutorial we will be using a HDD that has been modified so we can see through it.

    Step 1: Take apart the HDD

    Step 2: Take out the HDD cables

    Step 3: The wires we will be modifying are the yellow and black cables

    Step 4: Strip a small section of the Yellow (5v) and Black (Ground) wire

    Step 5: Solder all the leds to the wires you have.

    Step 6: Solder a wire to the Yellow and Black wire and hot glue it to the side of the case.

    Step 7: Hot glue all the leds in the spots you would like them to be

    Step 8: Solder all the wires and leds together. Make sure that each led is attached to a wire coming from the yellow wire, and the other part of the led coming from the black wire. then reassemble your case.

    Enjoy your pimped hard drive.

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    I'm actually planning on running a connection between lights inside my 360 to lights inside the hard drive with multi color LEDs and a remote. I just need to figure out how to run the cable through the case. I haven't taken mine apart yet. Any ideas?

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