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Thread: Root, Install & Use xRecovery on Xperia X8

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    Default Root, Install & Use xRecovery on Xperia X8



    Step 1: Root your Xperia X8
    - download and unzip SuperOneClickv1.9.1-ShortFuse to PC Desktop
    - connect Xperia X8 to PC (Do not mount)
    - on your phone <goto><setting><applications> select <unknown sources>
    - on your phone <goto><settings><applications><development> select <usb debugging>
    - Launch SuperOneClick -> click <Root>
    - you will see - <not successful - is your phone software higher than 2.0?>
    - click <yes> and then <success> & <test su> message

    If SuperOneClick is running but hangs mid-process you need to install .NET Framework v2.0 or above. DO NOT ASSUME you are running Windows 7 it has .NET Framework installed.

    If you are successful in ROOTING your phone - SuperUser app will be installed to your Xperia X8.
    If you are not successful:-
    (a) check your PC <devices><usb> to see if your phone is recognized by your PC (troubleshoot PC driver problem)
    (b) <usb debugging> in your Xperia X8 phone settings enabled?
    Then <Launch> <SuperOneClick> and try again.

    [if you don't have a file manager on your phone]
    Install <Astro File Manager> from Android Market

    Step 2: Mount Xperia X8 (to access SD Card)
    - copy <Root.Explorer.v2.16.apk> to root of SD Card
    - using PC create folder <xRecovery> and unzip xRecovery0.1.rar
    - put the 3 files into the xRecovery folder you've created
    - copy the xRecovery folder to root of SD Card

    Step 3: UnMount Xperia X8 from PC

    Step 4: Launch <Astro> Install <Root Explorer v2.16.apk>

    Step 5: Copy xRecovery files to </system/bin> of your phone
    - Launch <Root Explorer>
    - scroll down to /sdcard <click to access>
    - scroll down to xRecovery folder <click to access>
    - Select each of the 3 files (one by one) <click & hold><copy>
    - <click> parent folder (twice)
    - scroll down to <click to access><system>
    - <click to access><bin> and <click><Mount R/W>
    - press <paste> button

    COPY ALL THE 3 FILES (one by one) FROM xRecovery Folder to </system/bin> folder
    (i.e. busybox, chargemon and xrecovery.tar)

    Once you have done that... you have installed xRecovery to your Xperia X8

    SHUTDOWN -> Wait 5 seconds and REBOOT

    When you see the words [Sony Ericsson] on the phone screen - start pressing the back button on your phone multiple times and you will enter the xRecovery Menu.

    USING xRecovery

    Select Buttons = Volume Up & Volume Down Buttons
    Enter Button = Home Button
    Back Button = Back Button

    To BACKUP your Xpedia X8's current ROM
    select <backup and restore><backup> from the menu

    This will create a backup file in your SD Card <SD/xRecovery/backup>

    Note: Typically the backup should be around 256MB in size, so you may want to copy the file to your PC to lighten your 2GB SD Card.

    To RESTORE from a backup of your current ROM
    select <backup and restore><restore> from menu & select the <file_name>

    Note: If you have a backup on PC just copy it to <SD/xRecovery/backup> and restore as usual.

    To install a Custom ROM (e.g. GINGERBREAD 2.3.3 CM7 for Xpedia X8)
    Just download it from the website and copy to SD Card
    reboot and use xRecovery to <restore> the Custom ROM to your Xperia X8.

    And that's it..... Have Fun!!!
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