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Thread: How to remove startup programs/services!

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    Default How to remove startup programs/services!

    If your computer is really slow turning on, try this:

    1.) Hit Start

    2.) Hit Run

    3.) Type msconfig (Image Above ^).
    4.) Go to the startup tab and remove anything not needed.

    NOTE: This is for Vista/XP.

    Services, disable ONLY what you don't use. (like indexing)
    1.) Hit Start

    2.) Hit Control Panel

    3.) Hit System and Maintenance (Image Above ^).
    4.) Hit Administrative Tools.

    5.) Hit Services.

    6.) Now find the services you want to disable.

    7.) Double click on one, under startup type change it to disable.

    NOTE: This is for Vista Only. For XP Read below.

    Sorry, I can't post pictures for this one, I don't have XP. Though it's pretty much the same. Just attempt to follow the above pictures.
    1.) Hit Start.
    2.) Hit Run.
    3.) Type services.msc
    4.) Disable all that's not needed.

    If you wanna do all this faster and much more easier you can download a trial of Tuneup 2008 here: TuneUp America - Download
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    Msconfig works also on XP

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    i would rather use ccleaner - msconfig pisses me off and in some cases, especially when uve got some viruses/trojans etc that blocks msconfig and taskmanager u should use something like ccleaner to do this

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    Personally I prefer to use the Autoruns tool from Sysinternals to handle startups. It gives you a far more detailed and in-depth view of all kinds of things you never knew existed. This one is worth it's download!

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    I personally prefer Tuneup Utilities 2008
    Its a very good program for all kinds of pc tuning, cleaning and ofcourse easy managing of your startup programs.
    Give it a try.

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