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Aliens - Colonial Marines - AI Fix By AmyGrrl v1 (5345080C) (4FB3C8B1)

Discussion in 'Mods / Patches' started by AmyGrrl, Jun 19, 2021.

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    Nov 10, 2009
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    Aliens - Colonial Marines - AI Fix By AmyGrrl v1 (5345080C) (4FB3C8B1)

    Several years ago, it was discovered that Aliens - Colonial Marines had a typo that effected how the Aliens behave. I will post a link to the original post about the typo below. So I wanted to see if the typo could be corrected in the XBOX 360 version. It was pretty to correct the typo in the 12 Coalesced. I actually corrected two typos. Then I had to patch the default.xex with the CRC Checksum of the new files. However at first this custom patch wouldn't work or load the Title Update, then I figured out a little trick that allows this custom patch to work with the Title Update. So now you can still use the Title Update with this.

    Since I made this patch. I haven't been able to tell if this actually does anything in the game. I have never played this game before I made this patch. I had just made the patch because I was curious if it could be done. So I'm hoping that some people who are more familiar with the game can download the patch and try it with and without the Title Update and let me know if works or does anything. I actually made this patch back in September 2020 and I'm just now sharing it.

    I hope it works and Enjoy Everyone!




    Aliens - Colonial Marines - AI Fix By AmyGrrl v1 (5345080C) (4FB3C8B1) Download

    Aliens - Colonial Marines - AI Fix By AmyGrrl v1 (5345080C) (4FB3C8B1) (Mediafire Mirror)
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