Guide to Purchasing Content from other Regions on Nintendo Switch eShop

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    Guide to Purchasing Content from other Regions on the Nintendo Switch Console

    This step by step guide will step you through the process for purchasing games from other regions on the Nintendo Switch eShop. This will allow you to purchase games outside of your own region (for discounts for example if you live in Europe) or to break the release date for games that do not have the same global launch date (Yes; even now some publishers haven't quite understood its a global world we live in - looking at you EA Games)

    Welcome to 2017, and Nintendo has finally removed regional restrictions from there new flagship Nintendo Switch console which means we are now set to purchase games from any region to play on our Nintendo Switch Consoles.

    The process is two fold, firstly you will need to create a Nintendo Account in the Region of your choice then the second part involves linking it to an account on your Nintendo Switch and adding payment methods.

    Stage One: Setting up a Nintendo Account in the region of your choice

    First things first, you will need to navigate to the Nintendo Account page.
    I recommend doing this in a different browser to your main, or use something like incognito mode.

    Click the 'Create a Nintendo Account' button like so:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 09.41.56.png

    Next, select 'Create your Nintendo Account' as you will need an adults account to complete the purchasing:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 09.42.03.png

    Next, you will need to fill in your details as normal. You will need a different email address to the one you currently use for your account. When it comes to Country of Residence, you will need to select the region of eShop you wish to browse; in this case I am using Japan as it has a number of games and demos not available in the US/Europe at time of writing including Dragon Quest Heroes I & II.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 09.43.02.png

    Once done, you will get to the final stage which is to confirm you email address. Complete this as normal using the verification code which is sent to your email.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 09.43.36.png

    Congratulations, you are done on the website! The next stage takes place on your Nintendo Switch.

    Stage Two: Setting up the account on your Nintendo Switch and purchasing goods.

    The first step is to fire up your Nintendo Switch and open up the Options.

    Next, scroll down to Users and then scroll down again and select 'Add New User' Like below:


    Next, it will Scroll you through the setup similar to when you first booted up the Console:


    Go through, selecting a Picture and Name and you will have your nice new account made:


    At the end, it will ask you if you wish to link it to a Nintendo ID like below:


    Click Sign in and Proceed to linking your newly created account from Stage one of the Guide and complete the link.

    Once signed in, you will get the prompt like you did for your first account telling you about online features, scroll to the bottom and press the green button:

    2017-03-03 13.16.44.jpg

    Next stage; fire up the Nintendo eShop app, as you now have two users on the console it will ask you who is using it, select your new Account like so:


    You will then get a language warning (at this stage I've had to switch to Phone photos as the system will not let you screenshot in the App:

    2017-03-03 13.17.45.jpg

    All going well, you will be presented with the eShop. Now this is where it gets interesting. Hopefully before now you have had a browse in the eShop on your normal account so have a good idea how things are organised. The layout and stages ahead will be exactly the same as before; just the language switched.

    2017-03-03 13.18.40.jpg

    You can go ahead and complete the purchase as normal now. As an interesting note of warning for when you come to paying for goods. Just like your original store when adding funds you have the ability to add the 'exact' amount needed, or large numbers. Be very careful with this, especially if the language is one you don't understand. In the below, it's the top Orange box for 'Exact Amount'

    2017-03-03 13.19.34.jpg

    You can go ahead and enter your card details on the final stage. The nice thing about the Nintendo eShop at the moment is it doesnt ask for your address - so you are not forced to lie. I managed to enter my Mastercard all fine and complete payment.

    Though please be aware that most card issuers will charge you a foreign transaction fee for any purchases on top of a usually bad exchange rate compared to the market exchange rate. Please check your card issuers pricing before purchasing so you don't get billshock.

    In the UK for example we have have numerous card providers; Mondo being my favourite who not only charge you the Mastercard Exchange rate with no profit margins added, but have no additional fee's for purchases abroad. You may find many other banks or pre-paid card providers offering similar across the world

    Once you have purchased your game, you can go back to the Nintendo Switch Main Menu and launch it under your normal account!


    Thank you for following this guide and I hope it helps in allowing you to purchase games across the world. I personally use it for two reasons; firstly for games not available in my home country and secondly to take advantage of regions where games are sold for less (once exchanged into my home currency).
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    Glad i found this! I set my region to Croatia since it says it works on there aswell but we'll see sure hope this works when my Nintendo switch lite arrives!!

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