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    Digiex Presents: Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Clan Ladder


    You may or may not know that Digiex has an active presence in the PC classic known as "Jazz Jackrabbit 2". We provide with Epics cooperation the online gaming aspect of the game providing a central server list for clients to find and host internet games.

    As part of our goal to expand our presence in Jazz Jackrabbit 2 we were approached by two community members Grytolle and DZeal about bringing a online clan ladder to the game. After many months of hard labour from those two and support from Digiex we are proud to announce the Clan Ladder is in full operation and is going well.

    The site is continuously growing in content and activity wise over the past few months. It currently supports both Capture the Flag and Team Battle game modes in a variety of modes including ladders and tournaments. Soon a 1 on 1 Tournament will be starting so even without a clan people can join in and play.

    One of the many new features that has come to the clan ladder recently is broadcasting live video feed from games as they take place, allowing people to spectate live clan wars and matches. Stay tuned for many new features coming soon.

    The site started 2008-11-01 and there are now 53 played matches and 1380 flag captures/scores.

    So for any of our members interested in the arcade classic Jazz Jackrabbit, be sure to check out the clan ladder hosted by us!

    JJ2 Clan ladder
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    Only one word I can say "GREAT"!!! :D

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