Mum gets in fight on US bus, throws baby.

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    A mother caught on cell phone video apparently throwing her baby across the aisle of a bus, prompting a police investigation, says she didn't do it.

    "I didn't toss my baby. I set her down," said the woman when NBC Connecticut confronted her at her Hartford home.

    The startling scene was caught on tape by a concerned passenger during a bus ride on Albany Avenue Wednesday morning. It's since gone viral with internet postings on YouTube, Facebook, and elsewhere.

    The two minute video shows a woman screaming obscenities at another passenger, as her baby sits on her lap at times holding her little ears.

    The woman repeatedly asks other passengers to take her child so she can fight the woman. "I will thrash you. Somebody grab my baby. I'm going to beat the... of you on this bus," she's heard saying in the video. Then, it gets worse.

    The woman is seen throwing the baby across the aisle into the arms of another passenger. Then, she heads up front and gets into a fist fight.

    The bus driver pulled over to the side of the road and opened the doors, according to CT Transit. As he called for help, the woman retrieved her baby and left the bus. So did the other passenger involved in the fight.

    When NBC Connecticut arrived at her home Friday night, police and child welfare workers were inside talking to her. After they left, we knocked on the door and the woman answered.

    When asked if she had any comment on the situation, the woman said, "No. Connecticut Transit, get the full video. I didn't toss my baby. Get the full video."

    She then closed the door, only to open it once again.

    "I never tossed my baby," she said. "Get the full video from Connecticut Transit. I didn't toss my baby. I set her down."

    The video was so shocking that an NBC Connecticut viewer brought it to our attention. We asked Hartford police if they knew about it, and they launched an investigation.

    Hartford police have not filed any charges in the case.

    As part of their ongoing investigation, they're reviewing a second cell phone video from a different angle. The camera on board the bus was not working at the time of the incident, so there is no surveillance video available from CT Transit.


    Feel sorry for the kid having a mum like that...
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    I saw this a few minutes ago. Sad.
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    I thought when it said "threw it", it meant like (US) football throw it. I'm glad to see i was wrong.
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    Talk about human garbage.
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    I'm glad the baby wasn't injured, I thought she'd throw him to the floor, against the window or some other possible horrible way.

    She doesn't deserve to keep the baby, and with this video as evidence, she'll probably have the law against her.
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    Take the kid away from her. This just shows you that she does more harm to her kid than protecting it.

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