Pokemon Fire Red Legit Complete Save Download

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    1. This save file is completely legit, no cheats are used.This save file is my friend save file from GBA SP which was dumped in to computer. This save file has Auora ticket from Pokemon Center New York City with the wonder card.
    2. All pokemons got via legit means.
    3. Ccelebi got from Japanese bonus disk thanks to project pokemon for proving Japanese Colosseum disk. Jirachi got via my us Colosseum disk, they are got by this.no cheats used.
    4. Added all 10 anniv Pokemons from 10 anniv distribution catridge again thanks to project pokemon. Aura mew received from aura mew distribution system from my friend. Space center deoxy found on a Emerald cartridge I found then traded to fire red. Deoxy from birth island I got from Auorara Ticket thnks to Pokemon Center New York.
    5. Gold trainer card with 4 stars.1 gold sticker.1 normal sticker.1 blue sticker.those are really hard to complete.so I stopped.
    6. Four berry fix shiny Zizagoons there.
    7. All main quest and sub quests completed, Pokedex completed, some shiny Pokemon including Zizagoons from different save files.
    8. Got exclusives, some shines, some traded Pokemon from other save files created and played by me. I had a Eon ticket scanned in my Ruby save file, I got Latias from it and trade over.
    9. More u can see by yourself

    This is not 100% compeleted because still I need to get stickers which is horrible tough so its 95% completed save file.

    Requirements to get full stickers:
    • Beat the elite 4 200 times
    • Hatch 300 eggs (more than 120 eggs hatched)
    • Won 100 link battles (63 won)
    This save file was created by my friend, so a big thanks to him for giving me this save file, I hope u all enjoy it.


    Pokemon Fire Red Legit Complete Save Download

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    This is in the wrong forum
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    I've moved the post to the correct place and attached the save file to it.

    A very nice save indeed, I shall certainly have a look at this when I have more time.
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    This is the most interesting part...

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