Wii U WUD To Loadiine GX2 Conversion [Extract WUD images for Loadiine use]

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    Converting Wii U WUD image (essentially a Wii U ISO) to a format that can be used with Loadiine GX2 is very easy.

    1. First you need to download Uwizard - A Wii U WUD Manager and NUS Downloader
    2. When you load UWizzard you need to enter some keys for the program to function correctly:

    Wii U Common Key:
    Wii U Espresso Ancast Key: 805E6285CD487DE0FAFFAA65A6985E17
    Wii U Starbuck Ancast Key: B5D8AB06ED7F6CFC529F2CE1B4EA32FD

    This is done on the settings page as seen below:


    You can now use the WUD manager feature, a WUD is essentially an encrypted Wii U ISO, follow the steps below to extract your WUD to files / folder which can be used with Loadiine GX2.

    1. Add the folder which contains your WUD images
    2. Click on the game you wish to extract from the list
    3. You need the title key to decrypt your WUD, you should have this, if not you can probably find it on Google pretty easily (if you have a title.key file, simply rename the file extension to title.bin and Uwizzard will allow you to import it)
    4. Extract the WUD content's to a new folder on your computer. (This could take a while depending on the game
    5. Remember the game ID, you will need this in a minute.


    In the extracted files folder you should see a folder called data, inside this folder will be three more folders called code, content and meta


    Simply rename this folder to the name of the game, including the game id in square brackets.

    So in my example the end result would be Super Mario Maker [AMAP01]


    You now simply want to copy this folder to the Wii U's sd card and place it in the wiiu > games folder, the end result should look something like this:


    That's it, your game should be recognised by Loadiine GX2 and be playable.
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    I have dumped Mario Kart using wudump (apparently... "Most Loadiine-compatible dumps (DDD) are missing vital files that the console uses to display metadata and configure memory mappings")

    I merged those files, and then used Uwizard to extract the game files.

    This works fine with Loadiine, but there are still a few things I don't understand yet..

    How do I update the game?
    How do I access my DLC?
    How do I transfer my saves?

    I used saviine to grab my saves (80000001 / common), which I copied to my SD card... H:\wiiu\saves\Mario Kart 8 [AMKP01]

    But the game looks like it's never been played.

    I've tried changing the save mode in Loadiine (Shared, Unique)

    I have also tried my saves with a scene release (ABSTRAKT), and a Loadiine ready P2P dump, but still no joy. :(

    When I dump with ddd, it seems to get the updated game files, and I also get a save folder and the DLC aoc0005000c1010ed00 folder.

    This seems great, just what I am after, but the game doesn't actually work at all when dumped with ddd (black screen)

    Hope somebody can help.

    Thanks :)
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    Loadiine is somewhat outdated these days, although still has some uses, such as easily modding games.

    You can actually install any disc based game directly to your home screen now and not even have to load it though the homebrew launcher, Loadiine or anything else. It will load from a USB hard drive (requires a y cable as the Wii U doesnt give it enough power) you can also use a USB thumb drive or SSD with a USB to SATA adapter.

    The advantage of installing games directly to the homescreen is you can use your existing save game, you can use DLC purchased from the Eshop, likewise you can use your existing save game and manage all your content from the Wii U's system settings.

    Install Wii U Games, DLC and Updates using Wii U WUP Installer Y Mod

    Download Wii U Games / Updates For USB Y Mod Install Using Wii U USB Helper
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    Thanks Hoffman, I'll give this a go. :)
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    Great tuto but i have issues.
    I do not know why the date folder does not appear to me when I extract WUD. See my print.

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