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    SMARTROO 23031 - 3 Port HDMI Switch

    I don't usually write many reviews, but this is one of those products I felt needed a review and some clarity for those thinking of purchasing it.

    I've struggled with finding the right HDMI switch going through so many on Amazon. Most of them claim '4k Support' but in reality they only support 4K at 30hz and no HDR (basically the HDMI 1.4 standard). It's really misleading.

    This is the only HDMI Switch I've come across at time of writing which actually supports 4K at the full 60hz as well as HDR and HDCP2.2.

    My use case is I have a Samsung 4K 65-inch HDR TV, but for some odd reason only a single port can do HDR (or as Samsung calls it UHD Color).
    I have both an Xbox One S and an Nvidia Shield TV both capable of HDR and 4K so I had a bit of a port issue.

    I bought this and the Amazon Basic HDMI2 Cables and connected everything up and I can confirm it all works perfectly and I now have both devices connected and working in glorious 4K 60Hz with HDR 10-bit working.

    I can confirm everything works as expected, I've tried Netflix, Amazon Video on both devices and UHD Blu-Rays on the Xbox One S (the later I was worried about due to the strong encryption requirements) and I can confirm they all work as expected.

    Regarding support for the Logitech Harmony Remote. I can confirm that while this product isn't in the pre-made database (at time of writing), it can be programmed in manually which takes about 5 minutes with the existing remote and then works flawlessly. I've got it added to my Activities so when the Xbox Comes on, TV Goes to HDMI1, HDMI Switch turns on and switches to HDMI1 etc etc - making the whole process totally seamless and allowing me to disregard the remote included.

    Build quality of the switch is quite nice, It's metal and doesn't feel cheap.

    Over all, fantastic product. Is a bit pricey compared to the others but the reason is simple, it's the only one with the bandwidth and chipset capable of that glorious HDR at 4K/60Hz.

    If you are looking to buy a switch, even if you don't yet have 4K Devices; I'd seriously recommend this one as at least it has a long life ahead of it by actually supporting the latest standards.

    If you are looking for one, you can pick them up on: -
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