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    Xbox LIVE Labs

    As a part of our ongoing commitment to improve Xbox LIVE, we are rolling out an optional testing program called Xbox LIVE Labs. Xbox LIVE Labs performs a number of network tests from your console to Xbox LIVE. These results are recorded solely for the purpose of testing and improving the service. Although we want your support, participating in Xbox LIVE Labs is entirely optional and voluntary. These results are recorded solely for the purpose of testing and improving the service and will not be used to identify you.

    If you choose to participate, each completed test rewards you with a cool Avatar item and a zero point achievement as a thank you for your contribution.

    There are a total of three Avatar items and three zero point achievements that you can earn for each completed test, including a lab coat, brain helmet, and crazy mad scientist hair!

    Xbox LIVE Labs runs from March 10-27 and is open to all Xbox LIVE members living in the United States.
    You will not be able to participate in other Xbox LIVE activities, such as gaming, watching movies or downloading music, while running Xbox LIVE Labs, and your Internet connectivity may be slower than usual. Sound good? Sign into Xbox LIVE and head over to the community channel where you’ll see the Xbox LIVE Labs panel. Click on it to download the testing app and the rest is pretty much self-explanatory.

    The Xbox LIVE Labs testing application is currently available in the US only. After this round of testing, we’ll evaluate when and how we’ll roll this out to other Xbox LIVE regions.

    Thanks for your help

    For NON US user's this is what i did
    If you live outside the US download the app with a US account
    Boot the app with the US account sign out on the first screen, and sign in with you Non US account.
    You will unlock the Awards and the zero point achievements.
    (When the app loads it will show the US account avatar in the background)
    Could take around 6 hours for all awards / achievements

    Launch from the Community tab or Quick Launch under Latest Downloads.
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    i quicklaunched straight from my uk account will post in 30 mins seeif it affects it
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    ^It shouldn't hurt anything. I was just messaging InsaneNutter and he just got done with the 6 hours with no problems. I'm currently at 4 hours left myself :)
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    The Matrix
    Could someone analyze this program its not even using my internet at all.I'm thinking it might search for something modded or a flashed dvd drive or something like that.
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    If you've already unlocked the avatar awards on one of your profiles on your console, any other profile can also unlock the avatar awards without having to go through another 6 hours.

    In case anyone has a friend that has already unlocked it. Then all you'll need to do is recover your gamertag on their console and you'll get avatar awards and you don't have to waste your time as well.

    I attached some pics of what the avatar items look like.

    It's supposedly only available in the US at this time, but according to Major Nelson it might be available in other regions in the future.

    The program ends on March 27th.

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    Thanks for recapping what was said in the first post, if only you completely read the first post I suppose.

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