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Thread: Xbox 360 XISO Extract - BEST an easiest XDG3 extraction tool, with GUI + FTP.

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    Lightbulb Xbox 360 XISO Extract - BEST an easiest XDG3 extraction tool, with GUI + FTP.

    The guy who build Exiso, also made a GUI to use it. It's so neat and easy, and will make your life easier.

    It is hands down, the best thing out there.

    - It automatically deletes system update files
    - It can ftp
    - It can extract multiple ISO's
    - Shows a progress bar
    - Can also delete your ISO after completion

    If any security update comes, like XDG3, just update exiso.

    On a personal note, I've never had the FTP thing work for me, but I use FileZilla anyway thanks to Insanenutter's hint on multiple file transfers.

    News on exiso;
    Somski released a new version of Xbox 360 ISO Extract (exiso) – an exiso based extractor with FTP support which can extract multiple isos.
    What’s new/fixed:
    * I’ve updated exiso to support XGD3 images, just change the exiso executable and you should be fine.

    * A new version of the extractor with a better status bar might follow.
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