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Thread: Help with Forza 3 saved game

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    Default Help with Forza 3 saved game

    I have some issues with my console (post here: link)
    I have anther console which I would like to continue my Forza 3 career, the problem is that I cannot extract my saved game progress and move it to my old console.

    Is there any way to edit a saved game data?

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    Forza 3 looks to be a hard game to edit from a quick google, people have apparently also been profile reset for tampering with Forza 3 saves. If you google they are people who can edit your save for you.
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    best way would be to try modio or horizon and also check their forums

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    there is a forza 3 editor in xbox 360 tools
    you can download it here
    Xbox 360 Tools Installer.exe
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    I didn't found a guide for managing the game progress... I don't care about the achievements or live game play...

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