Digiex Minecraft Launcher

I'm affraid to report the Digiex Minecraft Launcher is no longer available

A message from Jessenic, the author:

Thank you all, it's time for me to end support for the Digiex Minecraft Launcher. Why? The original problem our launcher tried to solve was playing old versions of Minecraft. Back in the day it was called Minecraft Version Tool and was just a linux shell script. Then I learned java and created the java version. After that I learned C# and created the .NET version. However, Dinnerbone announced that the official launcher will have all versions of Minecraft, including indev and infdev. Along with that, our launcher is not capable of launching Minecraft 1.6+ so I decided to stop supporting it. The problem our launcher solved is fixed in the official launcher. If someone l would like to continue developing the launcher, feel free to.

The launcher and all it's code is available publicly at Github: https://github.com/Digiex/MCLauncher.NET

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