14yr Old Kid Creates Game That Knocks Angry Birds From #1 Game Slot

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  1. Bubble Ball, is a physics puzzle game, that was totally coded by 14-year-old Robert Nay, an eighth grader living in the USA. In comparison Angry Birds was created by a 17-person company based in Finland
    According to his mother Robert Nay taught himself how to program and created his first website while in third grade. Now he has his own Company called Nay Games and he is already looking to his next big hit.
    ABC News in the USA reports that, "during the past two weeks, his free game 'Bubble Ball' has been downloaded more than 2 million times."
    All Things Digital explains how Nay learned the skills needed to create the app:
    Some months back, a friend suggested that if Nay liked his iPod touch so much, perhaps he should try his hand at programming for it. At first he tried the standard Objective-C programming tools, but found the learning curve a little steep. He tried another tool called GameSalad, but didn't like the results. In the end, he settled on the Corona tools from Ansca Mobile. Corona was easy to use, he said, and also let him write once and publish for both Apple and Android devices. [...]
    Robert's mom, Kari Nay, drew some of the levels of the game, though Robert did all the coding. Kari Nay also handles the business tasks, such as submitting the apps to the App Store and Android marketplaces.
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    That's pretty cool wish I would have liked programing more ;)
  3. Yeah Same, Im Trying To Make One Then Make It .exe and make a website
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    It would be amazing to be able to program. Let us know when your done ^
  5. Thanks I Will I Have Made One It Wont Change It Into .exe thats my main point so i can put it on my website but i guess i can get the code then put it in there
  6. Ohh and by the way would anyone suggest any programs or website where i can make a pc program or a game cheers :)
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    I'd reccomend learning a programming language like C++ or Java (or maybe even Python), but that might be a little more complicated than you're going for. There isn't really any way (that I know of) with a GUI. There are a couple programs for creating simple games out there. The most well known one is Game Maker.

    If you wanted to get started programming, I could suggest some editors, compilers and maybe find a few websites to get you started.

    Also, if you're willing to shell out the money (or obtain it in... other, less legal ways), there's always Flash.
  8. Thanks Im Downloading now, if anyone has websites that would be greatand how do i make flash cause there preety good

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