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    1.I have been playing counter strike source for a long time now, and now i wanna try a controller for it. i googled and googled, tried almost every single thing
    ive tried "exec 360controller"
    port360-i keep getting "port360 stopped working
    ive tried other software and still haven't found any that work

    So if someone can introduce me to a working software or method to use xbox 360 controller on counter strike source

    2.ive downloaded the pirated version of Team fortress to see if i can run on okiesh settings,
    it work ok, so i bought it but now it just lags like ass i even putt every setting down, so i checked what the problem was, it steam running it took 100mb of my ram

    so im wondering is it possible to run team fortress 2 without steam running

    thank you
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    I'm not sure about getting the 360 controller working in CS Source, you will get destroyed online using anything except a keyboard and mouse.

    For TF2 try this: In your Steam games list right click on Team Fortress 2, click properties and click set launch options and type "-dxlevel 80" without the quotes.

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