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Discussion in 'Computer and Technology Discussion' started by hmlhogan, May 14, 2009.

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    System is a MSI K9N2G Neo-FD, the new AMD Athlon X2 7850 series Athlon 64 X2, mushkin 4gb ddr2 1066 [pc2 8500] dual channel memory, case iscooler master elite with coolmax M-500 500w atx psu, drive is seagate barracuda 72200.10 250gb 8mb cache sata 3gb, and a sony optiarc 24x dvd-r 2mb cache sata dvd/cd rewritable.
    Have rechecked all the wiring, replaced the sata data cable after reading not to bend them. Anywaay, I power this thing up and all is humming but I get no images on dell flaat panel digital monitor.
    Could some one help me here. maybe theres a compatability problem I'm not seeing?? THANX :S:S:S:S
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    Perhaps a GPU problem. If your using a add-on GPU try plugging your moniter cable into your motherboard integrated gpu. (if it has one.)
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    Onboard graphics i presume?

    Have you plugged the little speaker in to the motherboard, if something is wrong it should beep a certain amount of times. E.g. twice for bad ram. You would have to look up what the beeps mean in the motherboard manual.

    Also be sure the motherboard is not is not getting shorted out by the case, I once had a pc that just powered on and did nothing. It turned out the motherboard was making contact with the case.
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    Graphics? Are they onboard or PCIe?

    As InsaneNutter said, hook the internal speaker up and then fire it up, any beeping?

    Also, try 1 stick of ram at a time, see if you have anything that is DOA.

    Hard drive and cableing shouldn't matter, but you could also try removing all add-in cards and drives and then power it on, see if you get a POST screen.

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