3DS Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros DEMO Dump

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    Apr 10, 2020
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    Hi, I have a dump of 3DS Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros DEMO in .3ds format. I was wondering if I could get a professional to examine the file.

    I have a Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam DEMO rom (might be e3 version, not sure) and for some reason it doesn't work. When converted from .3ds to .cia and installed on a 3DS system, there is no banner that shows on the home menu. However a slot is taken for the game, and when you hover over it, you can hear the intro music. The problem is when you boot into the game, it crashes after the 3ds splash screen.

    I have tried using the rom on Citra Emulator on my PC in .3ds format and the game will boot and and it works. Only problem is the controls don't work.

    If someone that has experience with rom files can check it out, would be much appreciated. Just respond on this thread and I'll send the file.

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