5 year old kid found a security loophole on the Xbox One

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    This 5 year old kid named Kristoffer Von Hassel found a security glitch on the Xbox One when he tried to get into his dad's Xbox Live account when suddenly he did. He found a glitch where he entered the wrong password on the first screen, then he got to a 2nd verification screen, where he found out that if he just filled the password boxes with spaces, he accessed the account. By the way guys, this has been fixed already. So don't try doing this. Now, first the kid thought his dad would get angry at him, but his dad works in computer security. So his dad reported the problem to Xbox Support, and Microsoft thanked Kristoffer and gave him 4 free Xbox One games, $50, and a 1 year/12 month subscription to Xbox Live Gold. So this ended happy. What are your guys thoughts on this story? I mean, it's so cool that a 5 year old can find a security glitch. My thoughts are this kid needs lots of credit for finding a glitch. Some grown people can't even do it.

    Anyways, here is the original article on Gamespot - 5-year-old cracks Xbox One security by discovering simple flaw - GameSpot
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    That was pretty shocking that the exploit existed, but also good on Microsoft for giving the kid all the freebies :)

    Better him reporting it, than it going out on those xbox hacking forums and people getting their accounts stolen for sure!
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    A little silly security glitch on Microsofts behalf if you ask me. But it's acceptable as it's a new system and the user-base is still tiny compared to Xbox 360. And I think it's very special that such a young kid found out about it!

    This is further proof that to challenge security, you also need to do things you normally wouldn't do to challenge security. :P

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