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    I have started a business where I am making Databases for clients with speific needs however I need to know how I can prevent someone from copying my database and
    distributing around to other people.

    I have used Acess 2003 to program / create the database.

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    If that database is stored on the local PC I guess you would need to lock the PC down so the user can not copy it to a flash drive, burn it on a disc or even email / upload it somewhere.

    If a user has access to a file I don't think there is much you can do on Windows to stop them copying it, the database would be better on a central server where a user has to log on to use it and has limited permissions i.e. can not export the whole database, only view what that person needs to.

    I think it comes down to trust too, you are a small business so setting up a central server with a database on is probably not possible, but if you can not trust the person who is accessing the database then maybe they should not be doing so? or even working for you?

    You can create views to a user can only access certain data, but that would not stop someone physically stealing a copy of the database and having all the time in the world to bypass any security you put on it.

    I would ask on you are likley to get much better advice from people who use Access every day.

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