Aliens colonial marines season pass announced sigh

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    A first-person shooter can’t consider itself a man until it has at least four pieces of downloadable content under its belt. It’s a right of passage.
    Upcoming first-person shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines (due out Feb. 12 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC) from developer Gearbox Software is well on its way to manhood with a $29.99 Season Pass that will grant gamers access to all four planned DLC add-ons. Absent the Season Pass, the combined cost of the four expansions is $50.
    For the unaware, Aliens: Colonial Marines is an action game set in the popular Aliens movie universe. It follows a group of United States Colonial Marines as they take on a herd of the galaxy’s most dangerous animal, the Xenomorphs. The game also features a multiplayer game with a variety of modes, including one that allows players to control the titular extraterrestrials.
    Gearbox and publisher Sega only detailed the game’s first DLC pack called Bug Hunt, which is due in March. It provides a new multiplayer mode where gamers cooperate to take on waves of alien hordes. Bug Hunt also adds three new maps based on locations from the multiple Aliens films.
    Separately, Sega partnered with Walmart to grant free access to the Bug Hunt DLC to anyone who purchases the game at one of the retailer’s stores.
    While Gearbox isn’t saying anything about the three other DLC expansions, I hope it bases one of them on Bill Paxton’s character from Aliens. They could call it “Game Over, Man!

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    my opnion: i am more and more hating developers doing season passes to make a quick buck while creating dlc that takes less than a week to code

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