Amazon's Prime One Day Guaranteed Delivery Royal Mail Scam (Royal Mail Letter Prime)

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    amazon-prime-logo.gif.png Prime Service use to be a great way to pay a annual fee in return for up to 4 'family' members getting access to unlimited guaranteed day one courier deliveries from all Amazon held items. I've been a member for a year and it use to be a great service.

    However recently it's gone really down hill since Amazon decided to cut even more costs (apparently not paying UK Corporation Tax wasn't enough savings for them) and they recently added what they call 'Royal Mail High Letter Prime' as one of the couriers they use for Prime Deliveries. What this is in actual fact, is nothing more than the usual Royal Mail First Class delivery, the option that they tend to use for all other non-paying customers with free deliveries.

    First Class Mail is between 50%-90% (depending on how lazy your local sorting office are) likely to be delivered next day, but it certainly isn't guaranteed which Amazon Prime's 'Guaranteed next day delivery' clearly states.

    So basically now when ordering from Amazon Prime, you could end up (as you have no choice) having your parcel selected to be delivered by Royal Mail instead of the other couriers which require a signature and guarantee it next day. Sadly, to make it even worse they tend to use the Royal Mail option when you are having DVD's or CD's delivered, or other items which could fit into the usual Royal Mail big letter allowance. So you paid your £50 a year Prime membership fee and want that new Xbox One or Playstation 4 game on day of release? Well, you got a good chance that goes via Royal Mail and arrives a day or two late.

    Now Amazon pride themselves on great customer service, so when this does happen you do have two options:

    If you really like Amazon:
    You can just complain your delivery was late on the Live Chat and get a 1 month extension on your Prime every time this happens. Thanks to this, I'm at 6 free months and counting.
    If you can, please do it even when the delivery is next day, because picking Royal Mail first class is not the One Day Guaranteed Service you paid for, just say it was late as there is no tracking on it to prove otherwise and could help Amazon understand that customers do not like being lied to.

    If your fed up with Amazon's constant cost cutting and tax avoidance (if you just want free items!):
    Claim the item never arrived and your furious, I've done this with an Xbox One game and they sent another one (this time by courier finally!) and I ended up with two copies of the game. One of which I sold to a friend who was going to order anyways at full price. So based on that one transaction, I basically paid for my entire year of prime. I've done it since then on other orders and right now Amazon is down about £150. It may seem morally wrong, but rest assured they deserve it by lying to you over your Prime Membership and the fact they can't pay tax like everyone else (perhaps think of it as an owed Tax Rebate from Amazon?)

    Anyways, hope this helps you! Don't let Amazon scam you, and if they do, scam them back! :)
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