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    Oct 24, 2021
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    I want to buy a new phone but the dilemma is to be on Android software or iOS software, please write some good or bad suggestions for both softwares?
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    For me personally between the two I would much rather have an android. My preference for android comes from the easy ways it has to fully customize the phone the way you
    want (with out rooting), the tons of free apps you can get, the tons of mod apps you can get and install (with out root). Then we add on the rooting of android phones that allows
    for even greater customization (having a rooted phone can easily get malware if you are not careful on what you download and from where, also can brick your phone). But i will
    say this about Iphones, all of their apps work so much better than androids. Why is that? well its simple, android comes out with so many different phones with in a year while Iphones have a few. This means that Apple makes sure all of the apps in the Istore are fully compatible with every single phone they have that are still being updated. with the many phones android comes out with yearly it would take so much time to do the same which is why there are apps that work wonders on this android phone but will not work with this other android phone etc..... Iphones can be jailbroken which is essentially what rooting is to android phones, but again there are risks involved in doing that. So yea, ANDROID G4NG for me lol hope that helps a bit
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    Android gives you liberty and freedom to do almost anything you want whereas iOS restricts you from basic stuff you'd do on Android. Plus, no SD Card support on iOS or drag and drop.

    Don't think OTG is a thing on iOS, so there's that too.

    Moreover, I'm using a Samsung A40 phone to use my sim cards and it's a decent phone, but know what was the worst part? Uninstalling almost all the bloatware installed (mostly Google junk apps and some Samsung junk apps) and did via ADB Shell (with the help of "Package Names" app to identify them).

    P.S. Do yourself and don't buy a Samsung phone unless you're okay with the trash it comes with and the crappy battery.

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