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    NEG Ark Server is a 24/7 PvP server hosted on Xbox One.

    The Server is founded on the principle of fairness. We’re a group of friends that have played Ark across many private servers. Sadly we kept struggling with other private servers as Admin abuse is rampant across them all. We’d join one, and spend weeks farming and building only to have an admin tribe with item spawning attack and wipe, or go against bases with clear item spawning or admins force taking over our tribe when we got ‘too big’ etc. After leaving our fifth server in six months we decided there has to be a better way, and as such we got an Xbox and setup our own private server with the one key promise - no cheating ever. Ultimately, why would anyone bother playing on a server which has admin tribes or admin logging turned off?

    Note: While this server is approved by Digiex; it is run separately to the main site/team.

    Our Server setup is PvP; and while we want to be as simple and friendly as possible and not too strict, we do have some base rules just to make the game fair and give everyone a chance:
    1. We are a PvP Server, therefore attacking each other is allowed at any time. However we do ask you to do it with decency; if your raiding for materials you don’t need to floor everything they have. Likewise, if a Dino is on passive and not in the way; try to avoid it if possible.
    2. Don’t pollute the map with junk. if your not using an old base please take it down as it just wastes space others can use.
    3. Respect new tribes - Give them time to build up. For the first 48 hours any new tribe is protected by the NEG Tribe. We ask that you put a white flag up ASAP as this is the ingame notifier to everyone to give you space (but if you keep it up way beyond 2 days, we may take it down by force).
    4. Tribe battles and disagreements are to be resolved between Tribes. We’re all grown ups - lets act like it.
    5. If after two weeks your tribe hasn't been on nor made contact; we reserve the right to respectfully dismantle your tribe and bases to free up space for others. If you intend to be inactive for a period over two weeks please post in this group so the Admins and other Players know and leave you alone during the period.
    The Server Settings are close to Vanilla as possible with a few exceptions;

    2.0x XP
    5.5x Taming
    2.5x Harvest
    5.5x Egg Hatch
    3.1x Mature Speed

    These settings can of course be changed; we tend to do it based on Community feedback on the Group and go with what our dedicated player base wish for (within reason). One thing we will make clear though is item spawning or dino spawning is never on the table. If you want a boring server with spawning like that; we are not the one for you (After all; its more fun when you play properly)

    Joining is easy, first step is add the Server Gamertag 'NEG Ark Server' and drop a message.

    Secondly (optional, but seriously recommended) please join this Facebook Group;

    It's a group solely for players on the server; we use it to communicate what's going on (for example changes to rules, inactive tribes and communal projects) and if any issues or changes are coming.

    It's also great for people on the server to recruit you into Tribes and get to know players. If you have any issues; let us know. We look forward to anyone who wishes to join us!

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