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    You can sign-up using the following link but you will need a PS3 the PC link will be up soon so keep on checking the official website of the BETA. DICE also mentioned a possible download via Steam but can’t confirm this just yet. DICE announced that the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 public Beta will start on January 28th and is set to end on February 25th. The public Beta will feature one map called Port Valdez and will allow 32 players to battle it out within the game mode ‘Rush.’ The map will also include a nice snow environment featuring both vehicles and infantry. ;)

    How to Download: Check back to the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Page closer to beta launch date for download instructions.
    How To Get Access: Reserve Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the most sure fire way and right now we are still finalizing which Retailers & e-Tailers will participate (it's up to them). If you're eager to ensure you get in confirmed distributors to Pre-Order consumers are the EA Store and at

    Misc. Details

    Steam Beta: Yes there was a leaked image of a Package file we propped on Steam. People with illegal accounts can see games in this environment, but this is not a Beta in the term of Public Test Beta, but a real development Beta installer client for the Steam version of the full game. We are however working with Steam to have the Public PC Beta available on Steam, but can't confirm this quite yet so cross your fingers Steam users.

    Source: BF:BD2 Blog
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    Can't wait for this game!

    Pre-Ordered my copy for the Xbox 360. There will also be a multiplayer demo of the game released on the 28th of jan for people who pre ordered aswell. Will only last for a week though.

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