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    Hello, I'm Anthony (aka Andami, but don't tell Microsoft.) I've been gaming for somewhere around 15+ years. My gaming career started with a yellow GameBoy Color and Pokemon Blue and Wario Land. I haven't put handhelds down since. As I've aged I've become less of a Nintendo fanboy, and I favor Microsoft more now. The 360 is my console of choose, but I still consider Ninty's handhelds to be the best. I can't wait for Pokemon X and Y for the 3DS :3 Last year I got into PC gaming, but my rig just isn't powerful enough for the full experience. I still play current games, just not with the amazing graphics expected. I'm 18, and I plan on majoring in Political Science when I enter college later this year. Nice to meet any newcomers. I'm sure everyone else at least recognizes my username by now, though.

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