Beta Test Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Games

Discussion in 'Gaming Hangout' started by InsaneNutter, Sep 26, 2014.

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    If you have ever wanted to beta test Xbox One and PS4 games before their released now is your chance! Head over to VMC Multiplayer Game Testing For AAA Titles, have a read of what their about and sign up if you feel it's something you are interested in.

    I can confirm it is legit, after signing up i had to wait a long time before been chosen to test anything, however I have since got to test two unreleased Xbox One games. Thats all i can say as you have to sign and NDA and are not allowed to talk about anything you test.

    Today basically i got an email stating "There's still time for your friends to apply and participate in the larger scale tests! Simply share this informative link with application surveys". The link is what i linked to above, so if your quick you might get in to a new beta which is starting next week.
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    It's open for these platforms:

    I decided to just go with 3DS / Wii U (could've selected 360/PS3 but nah) and this could be good for trying out games, seeing where the flaws are and report (Amazon Nintendo fanboys don't really like that I give some Nintendo games a score of 3/5).

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