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Black Knight Sword Arcade Trial Download

Discussion in 'Arcade Game Trials' started by OrangeMohawk, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. OrangeMohawk

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    Jun 26, 2014
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    Black Knight Sword
    Game Description:
    From the twisted and brilliant mind of Suda 51 comes Black Knight Sword, a platforming adventure with an unprecedented visual style. In this fresh take on the classic fairy tale, The Black Knight treks through a dark and mysterious world filled with whimsical creatures to kill the dark princess and ending her reign of terror. A throwback to classic platformers, Black Knight Sword evokes simple yet addictive and challenging gameplay with an overall aesthetic unlike anything released to date.

    File Info:
    The trial does not require a modified console.
    The full path is included inside the folder "Black Knight Sword" within "BlackKnightSword.rar" (Check out WinRAR if you aren't sure how to open a .rar file). The full file path of the demo on the HDD, USB stick, or CD will be "Content\0000000000000000\5841123B\000D0000\6A4DE0101991041A9C6B1297A2EE791D1B5E75C558".

    Helpful tutorials:
    Inject a trial to a USB flash drive
    Burn a trial to a CD or DVD

    Black Knight Sword Trial (Digiex)
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