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Bluetooth Dongle Driver for ISSCEDBTRA/BCM2046 for XP SP2/Vista 64-32

Discussion in 'Drivers' started by curriegrad2004, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. curriegrad2004

    curriegrad2004 New Member

    Jul 15, 2009
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    This inf file inside this zip file will allow you to use BCM2046 or ISSC's Bluetooth dongles. Although Nimrod already has created his own driver package, this driver is basically a copy of his, but radically different. When I mean radically different, it really is.

    The radical difference is: There's only one inf file. And it's only 3KB in size!(H)

    This inf file was inspired by Microsoft's own drivers for their Bluetooth transceivers that are used in their mice and keyboards. When I was reading the inf file I was surprised that inf files can reference other inf files to create a 'driver' that uses another drivers files without much modifications.

    I don't intend to steal the spotlight from Nimrod, but I believe this driver is better than Nimrod because of the following reasons:

    • Micro$oft's legal team won't send Digiex any C+D letters because the driver he provided contains copyrighted content from M$. Even if they did I'd doubt the admins would remove it
    • Works with Vista and XP in a single INF file (possibly Windows 7 in the future when I read over Win7's inf file structure.)
    • Much smaller compared to the ones created by Nimrod
    • Digitally signed by my own CA to comply with Vista x64's driver signing 'policy'
    • You do not need to modify any system files. Just load this driver and go.
    • New dongles can be added easily if needed. Just edit the inf, regenerate the catalog file and sign if necessary.
    Anyways, the function is exactly the same as Nimrod's drivers: Allowing you to use the Bluetooth dongle with Microsoft's own stack.

    EDIT: I pulled the previous version of the driver as I realized the catalog file wasn't resigned to reflect the changes I made on the inf file! A MSI package for this will be released soon if I can get around to making it.

    UPDATE on Aug 26 2009 - These drivers are unnecessary under Windows 7. Apparently Microsoft finally listened to us because Windows 7 now supports most USB Bluetooth dongles without having to install additional software. So if you were thinking of injecting this driver using DISM into a Windows 7 image, that was unnecessary.

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  2. swampy

    swampy New Member

    Nov 10, 2009
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    Thanks for the information provided. I too got caught with an " el cheapo" blue tooth dongle and now I stand the chance of getting the rotten device functional with my Nokia Cell Phone.

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